Aug 26 2014

Wooden floor maintenance

Although your floor finish offers high durability and easy maintenance, it is not indestructible. The following are tips which will help to preserve the beauty of your floor. Be sure to check ot the different types of wooden floor installations that are possible.

Protecting your Floor:

· Newly varnished floors need special protection bearing in mind that the varnish takes several days to reach full hardness.

· Regularly vacuum or sweep the floor with a soft bristle broom  to prevent any loose dirt or grit from scratching the surface. Walking on a dusty or dirty floor is the fastest way to damage a finish (more information over here: Wooden flooring Do’s and Dont’s)

  •  Place walk off mats (carpet runners) at all exterior entrances. This will capture much of the harmful dirt before it even reaches the floor. Shake out, wash or vacuum mats and area rugs frequently.

· Floor protector pads of soft felt or similar material should be placed on the bottoms of the legs of the furniture. Floor protectors must be kept clean of grit and periodically replaced.

· Keep high heels in good repairs. An unprotected tip will dent any wood floor.

· Always protect your floor when moving heavy objects. Use an old rug (wrong side up) and slide the object along the floor on the rug. Make sure that there is no grot on the rug. and be careful not to “burn” the floor by dragging the object across the floor at speed.

· Kitchen floors experience the most traffic in a home. To prevent premature wear of the floor, place an area rug in front of the sink and stove area. Shake out or vacuum the rugs frequently.

· To add a little “life” to a dull floor you can wipe a little “Woodoc” furniture oil into the floor, just as one would do to treat your wooden furniture.

Cleaning your floor:

· Vacuum clean or mop the floor to remove any surface dust and grit.

· Occasionally, the floor should be cleaned using a mild soap based cleaning product.

Important: The amount of water you use when cleaning your floor should be kept to a minimum. Always use a well wrung out cloth or mop and remove any puddles of water on the surface immediately.

Things to avoid:

· Never pour any cleaner directly onto the floor.

· Do not allow any liquid to remain on the floor.

· Do not use any oil-based or wax cleaners/polishes on your floor. These products will make the surface greasy, slippery and difficult to clean.

· Some varnish manufacturers recommend cleaning wood floors using a mop rinsed in water and vinegar. This is acceptable provided the mop is well wrung out before it is used on the floor.

Aug 26 2014

Wooden floor do’s and don’ts

Floor Finishing Do’s and Don’ts

DO think about what is reasonable in regard to finish for your own circumstances. Your contractor will want you to be pleased with your completed project but sometimes unreasonable expectations get in the way. In spite of the dust-free equipment used your home is not a controlled environment and some settling of dust is inevitable – minimal activity by other persons in the area while finishes are drying will help to minimize dust. Keep pets or animals well clear of the area.

DO maintain an interest in your project as it proceeds through the various stages and think about how you can help your contractor to complete the project effectively. For example, the floor sanding and finishing should be carried out after all other work but before the final coatings on your walls and skirting. It shows poor planning to have other workmen traversing your finished floor, which will undoubtedly be damaged in the process.

DO ask your floor finishers opinion and find out his plan for the project. He will want you to understand the process and what part you can play in getting a satisfactory result. Make sure you understand what access you will have to the area and make alternative arrangements ahead of time if your access will be limited.

DO ask your floor finisher what he will need before the project starts. The machines require plenty of electrical power so make sure you have power points close to the area for use by your contractor. If the power is not yet on in your building and there is no lighting or readily available power you are not ready to start sanding.

If you‘ve elected to remove existing carpets yourself, DO ensure that ALL underlay staples have been removed and ALL nails are punched well down.

DON’T expect your floor finisher to work around other tradesmen. When he arrives they should be finished and gone. He cannot achieve an optimal finish with their activity in the area.

DON’T expect your floor finisher to carry out extra work at no expense. e.g. punching nails that you had arranged to punch yourself or applying further coatings.

DON’T forget to give your contractor access to the electrical meter board for circuit breakers and fuses.

DON’T have pilot lights or naked flames burning while the floor finishing operations are ongoing. e.g. gas fridge or gas geysers or gas heaters. Fumes from some finishes can be highly flammable.

DON’T walk on the floor during or soon after floor finishing operations with dirty or gritty shoes. It will take up to 2 weeks before your new finish is fully cured and shoes should be removed when walking on the floor during this time.

DON’T pivot on  your foot during the curing time. This will damage the finish in a very visible manner. This is a picture of some idiots toe print. The floor had had it’s final coat.

Mar 11 2016

Managing your home office

Starting a new home business can be daunting. Where do you start? You need billing and invoicing software, a office management software, business cards, websites, flyers, a registered company name, a bank account, not to mention premises, computers, desk, and most importantly clients!

Whether you are running a small plumbing business, a home based baking company or a sheriff software company, all of these things need to be in place. You want to get things in place so you can work on your business, and not in your business.

Software is one great way to do this. A company like Sarpnet develops a full office management system for branches of the SA Sheriff.

Software like this can make a big difference in your business as this will free up a lot of time. You need to realize that spending your valuable time on paperwork and other administerial tasks are not the most profitable use of your time.

You need to focus on acquiring clients, and growing your business. Tasks such as growing your revenue, and making more sales should take priority once you have all the procedures in place.

Marketing your business should be a priority. The business world is moving more and more online, and things like digital marketing has become incredibly important to ensure your business keeps growing. While there are pieces of software that can help with this, the best way to is to hire a digital marketing professional.

May 14 2015

How the Worx GT 2.0 created a stir in the gardening market

I have claimed it prior to and also I will certainly claim it once more, the WORX GT is a remarkable lawn edger. The line feeds immediately as well as it’s simple as well as fast to alter out pre-loaded spindles of line.

I should confess I suched as the initial WORX GT2 reviews a great deal and also believed it was an excellent cordless leaner and also particularly an excellent lawn edger. The brand-new 2.0 has actually fine-tuned the WORX GT right into one of the ideal leaners on the market.

worx gt trimmer and edgerI should confess I suched as the initial WORX GT a great deal as well as believed it was an excellent cordless leaner and also specifically an excellent lawn edger. The brand-new 2.0 has actually improved the WORX GT right into one of the ideal leaners on the market.

I have stated it prior to and also I will certainly claim it once again, the WORX GT is an amazing lawn edger. An effective leaner, rolled lawn edger and also mini-mower all in one package deal– the Worx GT 2.0 is ideal for unequal home landscapes and gardeners of all statures.

Perfect for metropolitan families where storage space goes to a strand however a costs leaner is still convenient to have.

An effective leaner, rolled lawn edger as well as mini-mower all in one plan– the Worx GT 2.0 is excellent for unequal home surface. The WORX GT trimmer/edger is best for a specific kind of property owner. Generally somebody that does not desire to save gas or bargain with the upkeep included in possessing a gas-powered leaner.

The WORX GT review utilizes changeable cartridges with the spindle for life program. The vehicle feed hvac system on the WORX GT does a terrific task of maintaining the line size.

Nov 18 2014

Not sure which treatment of nasal polyps is right for you?

Chronic sinusitis is a condition involving swelling of the lining within the paranasal sinuses that lasts for greater than twelve weeks as well as lead to pain as well as tension in the facial location. This problem typically establishes when the membranes of both the paranasal sinuses and also the nose are expanded considering that they are continuously irritated, possibly as a result of allergies, infection or nasal polyps.

If these conservative treatments are not efficient, surgical treatment to boost sinus drain as well as minimize clog may be carried out. During the treatment, your surgeon will increase the size of the opening of the sinuses, take out any polyps, and remedy any kind of problems that add to the nasal obstruction.

Nasal polyps are benign growths that establish within the cellular lining of the nasal passages or sinuses. If big enough, these growths may shut out the flows and also cause breathing difficulties, sinus infections or other issues. Many people with nasal polyps might experience nasal blockage, as well as drippy nose, frustration, face pain, loss of scent or taste and sinus tension.

treatment of nasal polypsThe treatment of nasal polyps usually consists of medications that could minimize the size of the polyp or even remove it.

Prescription may be in the type of capsules, nasal sprays or allergic reaction chances.

Surgical procedure could be required to remove the polyp if medicine is not successful, and may include a polypectomy or endoscopic sinus surgical procedure to either suction out the polyp or remove it thoroughly with tiny instruments.

Nasal fractures are one of the most usual types of face injury, greatly due to the importance and midpoint of the nose on the face, as well as its reduced splitting ability. I have heard many success stories regarding the Nasal Polyps Treatment Miracle guide. Useful problems include chronic nasal obstruction or clog, as well as a proneness for sinus problems, infection, as well as nose bleeds.

Defects of the nasal dental caries could happen as an outcome of a congenital flaw, terrible injury or medical problem that could bring about an abnormal look, as well as symptoms such as nasal obstruction, frequent nosebleeds and difficulty speaking or eating. These defects may consist of issues induced by a cleft lip or taste buds, a deviated or perforated septum or a mass in the nose.

Throughout the procedure, your specialist will expand the opening of the sinuses, eliminate any polyps, and correct any sort of problems that add to the nasal obstruction. Nasal polyps are benign growths that develop within the cellular lining of the nasal passages or sinuses. A lot of individuals with nasal polyps may experience nasal congestion, as well as runny nose, headache, face pain, loss of smell or taste and also sinus tension. Therapy for nasal polyps usually consists of prescriptions that can reduce the size of the polyp or also eliminate it. Los AngelesTreatment of a nasal deformity depends on the kind and extent of the problem, as well as the client’s age, overall health and wellness and also expected result.

Oct 21 2014

Asbestos & Hazardous Materials Reduction & Extraction

Asbestos & Hazardous Materials Reduction & Extraction

Develop a safer living or job room with solutions from Asbestos Pro Co. We offer in-depth asbestos abatement services as well as extraction that eliminates this possibly hazardous element from your home.

For extensive environmental cleaning, we give mold, lead, as well as radon extraction and also reduction. We will additionally deal with your insurance business to assist defray the price of our services.

Asbestos Realities

You could have heard of asbestos before, yet you might not recognize what it is. We offer you with asbestos simple facts that include its definition, methods of exposure, as well as its effect on your health. Once you have the simple facts, you will recognize the best ways to continue to figure out if asbestos is found in your home or business.

Asbestos, lead, meth, and mold abatement is given as an indispensable section of our services. Our administration and also area personnel are experienced, trained, and also accredited in all elements of commercial, domestic, as well as industrial abatement. See here for more information on this subject.

Since our personnel is Hazwoper trained, transitioning from hazardous product removal to asbestos, lead, as well as mold abatement is effortlessly completed. This special qualification permits spill reaction, purification, demolition, as well as remediation of mixed wastes including harmful materials as well as asbestos/ lead.

We maintain professional associations with CIHs, Air Keeping track of Specialists, Task Designers, and Structure Examiners as well as assist with task delineation, design, and final air clearance. Our administration staff preserves AHERA (The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act)) and also State of Colorado accreditations as Project Developer as well as Service provider Supervisor.

We collaborate with several licensed disposal companies to make sure the best solution and also cost for our customers. Our customers get a documents bundle at the conclusion of a project that consists of licenses/ notices, daily my job guides, keeping an eye on results, state and/ or government examination records, final air clearance results, as well as disposal shows up.

The asbestos abatement services provided by Asbestos Pro Co consists of the following (click subject below for more information on that service location):.

You could have listened to of asbestos previously, however you might not understand what it is. We give you with asbestos simple facts that include its meaning, techniques of exposure, as well as its effect on your wellness. When you have the realities, you will recognize exactly how to proceed to establish if asbestos is discovered in your residence or business.

Our administration team preserves AHERA (The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act)) and State of Colorado certifications as Job Designer as well as Specialist Manager.

Aug 27 2014

Types of installations

Wood flooring is generally installed using variations of the following 3 systems:

1. Floating Floor

This system has been developed to accommodate our modern super fast lifestyles. It is similar to carpeting in that the Pre-Finished floorboards are laid over an under felt (sheet of spongy plastic) and are not fixed to the substrate.

pro’s, con’s & more info

2. The Overlay

This system traditionally used with Parquet Blocks has been developed to include the installation of solid strip boards. The floor blocks/strips are glued to the substrate, resulting in a very secure floor. The system also allows one to be creative, adding intricate borders or medallion inlays.

The Overlay system often referred to as the Adhesive system has become a very popular system for instillations, however it’s not really THAT easy and many a company or installer has come “unstuck”.  DIYer’s should rather look to the batten or joist systems.

pro’s, con’s & more info3. The Joist & Cavity Floors

Floor boards are nailed to a framework of Joists or Battens. Traditionally used in most early houses, the system is still widely used. We even use it from time to time, the only difference is, we insist on fitting a moisture membrane over the joists and under the flooring.


pro’s, con’s & more info4. The Batten System

Floor boards are nailed to a framework of  Battens that have been secured to a concrete base. This is our favored method of installation and is probably the system most widely used today.  We have refined the system by applying the following measures:

  1. Our battens are always installed on a pre-screeded base, thereby eliminating the need for wedges that over time work themselves loose.
  2. We fix the batten to the surface with adhesive, this ensures that the entirelength of the batten is firmly secure.
  3. Our battens are installed with a max spacing of 400mm
  4. We install a moisture membrane over the battens.
  5. And then of course there are our nails. We use a Stainless Steel Hammerhead Shark Tooth Nail that doesn’t rust and grips like no other nail on the market.

pro’s, con’s & more info

Stainless Steel Shark Toothed Nail




 4. Sprung FloorsAerobic and gym floors are installed on a spongy rubber base.